Story book for children on financial literacy

The story about the story book

When one person lives in Hong Kong and other in Islamabad, can they write a book in two years without meeting with each other?

To add to the story, with editors living in Karachi and the illustrator living in Taiwan, is it possible that a story book for children is brought into live which is published by the Oxford University Press?

The answer is: Of course!

Modern technology has made it possible that people who live in different parts of the globe can come together to write a book. Ms. Quin Thong from Hong Kong and Mr. Malik Mirza from Pakistan, collaborated together to bring out story book on the theme of financial literacy for children, published by Oxford University Press.

Why the story book?

Cha Cha and The Forest of Wisdom is inspired by a 8 year old boy from Korangi Pakistan- he said to Quin in 2013, “Miss I want a sweet but need a book.”. This made Quin wonder what book she can give to him to help him build a bright future. The next day, the CEO of a prominent bank in Pakistan came up with the answer. He asked Quin to write a book on what she taught the children the day before - Wealth Management. He said, This way millions and millions of children can benefit.

So, Quin started thinking about writing.

A common friend introduced Mr. Mirza to Ms. Thong and during the discussion over internet (which we call ‘chat’), they agreed to write a book to educate children about wealth management.

Key themes of the book

Like all children, Sam and Aimee want a lot of things: new toys, fancy gadgets, fun watches, designer shoes … the list goes on and on. Should their parents give them everything they ask for – running the risk of spoiling Sam and Aimee – or is there a better way to show their children their love?

 Cha Cha and the Forest of Wisdom: The Art of Wealth Management

The children’s guide is Cha Cha, a panda living in the Forest of Wisdom, who makes the process fun by telling little stories to illustrate his points and show the young ones that no one is too young to learn how to save and when to use their allowance.

The story aims to tell children about the concepts of saving, spending and sharing and to make a plan about their life.

What’s in it for parents?

Cha Cha and the Forest of Wisdom is written for children who are old enough to learn about money and how to manage this resource. This book helps children understand the true meaning of wealth and how to appreciate its value in life through the principles of wealth management.

Parents can help their children by reading this book with them; who knows, perhaps they, too, will learn something new. Build a brighter future for the children. Wealth management: Start them early.

For teachers:

Teachers can teach children in schools about the art of wealth management and concepts of saving, spending and sharing through this book.

For sponsors:

This can be used by the financial institutions, banks, schools and any one who is looking to education children about financial management from an early age. For an order of certain number of copies, the cover page can be customized and message from CEO can be inserted. Please send an email to for bulk orders

Video presentation

Here is a small video clip from Ms. Thong about the book




Malik Mirza FCCA FCA MBA is a Chartered Accountant & Chartered Certified Accountant with over 16 years of finance, business and strategy management consultancy and training / teaching experience.

Mr. Mirza began his accounting career with PriceWaterhousecoopers and has worked at Pakistan, UAE and Afghanistan.

Mr. Mirza is a World Bank – IFC certified Business Edge® trainer and has represented Pakistan twice at the International Assembly of ACCA at UK. Mr. Mirza is a UK certified toast master too.

Mr. Mirza is an author of two books, one on effective time management and other a story book on financial literacy for children, published by the Oxford University Press.

Apart from his day job as CFO & Company Secretary of a nationwide bank (providing branch and branchless banking services), he spends his time to nurture capacity of professionals in the fields of financial analysis, effective communication, effective time management, stress management and other related areas.

Mr. Mirza was instrumental in establishment of an Early Childhood development centre in the community at Islamabad and is an honorary treasurer at the Rotary Club Islamabad Cosmopolitan.

Mr. Mirza’s blog has been visited by over 450,000 visitors where he posts ideas from different management and business books.